Discount - Our Generation Horse Dependable - Savings:£82

Discount - Our Generation Horse Dependable - Savings:£82

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Discount - Our Generation Horse Dependable - Savings:£82 - Our Generation Dolls

Our Generation Equine Trailer along with over 20 devices.
Specify off for the equine display in the Our Generation Locks Destination Steed Trailer Establish. This horse trailer playset happens along with a British saddle, saddle blanket and also more horse accessories-- featuring a champion's prize! There is actually loads of space inside for an Our Generation equine and also foal. The Our Generation Hair Destination Equine Trailer Specify includes a grass bag and also bucket, and also a news and also clear for mucking out. Your Our Generation figurines may take great care of their equines along with grooming as well as health care accessories from the emergency assistance package and hoof pick to the comb, cleaning mitten and also sponge. Various other devices include 4 horse footwear, a rope teether, using plant, container of hoof gel, 2x containers, a spray bottle and also horse scraper. The trailer drawback connects simply to the My Way and Motorways 4x4 Jeep (Ref: 156534). Horse, foal, Our Generation toy and also 4x4 Vehicle all offered individually.
Bottom storage chamber.
Shelf and also 3 hooks for extras.
Fold up down rack for seat.

Leading home window opens up completely for added action area.

2 puts to hang seat coverings.
Opening doors and windows.

Dangling accessory basket.


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