Spring Sale - STREAMLIGHT PROTAC 2L-X TORCH 88063. - Spectacular Savings Shindig:£48

Spring Sale - STREAMLIGHT PROTAC 2L-X TORCH 88063. - Spectacular Savings Shindig:£48

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Spring Sale - STREAMLIGHT PROTAC 2L-X TORCH 88063. - Spectacular Savings Shindig:£48 - Streamlight protac series

* Features nylon material holster.
Max Candela: 6,800.
* LED outcome: a. High for max lighting: 500 lumens; 165m beam of light; works 2.75 hours (CR123A electric batteries); operates 3.25 hrs (SL-B26 battery pack); 6,800 candela.
SPECIFICATIONSHigh Lumens: five hundred.
* IPX7 water-proof to 1m for 30 mins, 2m impact protection checked.
Size: 5.14 ins (13.06 centimeters).
* TEN-TAP? Programs - Option of 3 customer selectable plans: 1) high/strobe/low 2) higher merely 3) low/high.
Ray of light Span: 165 gauges.

* Heavy duty, anodized aluminum development; detachable wallet clip.
b. Low for prolonged run time: 40 lumens; 49m light beam; operates 30 hours (either electric battery kind); 600 candela.
Item Information # 88063 - ProTac 2L-X w/ 2 CR123A lithium batteries & nylon material holster- Box.
* Value: 3.9 ounces (111g) along with CR123 electric batteries; 4.4 oz (125g) with SL-B26 battery pack.
Operate Opportunity on Low: 30.00 hours.
Weight: 3.90 ozs (110.56 grams) - 4.40 ounces (124.74 grams).
Operate Time above: 3.25 hrs.
Battery Volume: 1-2.
* Anti-roll scalp.
b. Non-rechargeable system includes two CR123A lithium electric batteries and nylon holster.

COMPONENTS * Multi-Fuel-- Makes use of chargeable Streamlight SL-B26? guarded Li-Ion USB chargeable electric battery pack or more CR123A lithium batteries a. Chargeable body consists of SL-B26 battery pack and also USB cord and also nylon holster.

The five hundred lumen ProTac 2L-X is an EDC light that is actually readily available 2 ways: The ProTac 2L-X USB is actually a full rechargeable unit that features our brand new Streamlight SL-B26? protected Li-Ion USB rechargeable electric battery pack along with an included USB fee slot. The ProTac 2L-X features 2 CR123A lithium electric batteries. This MULTI-FUEL technology guarantees you'll regularly have a beam of light when you require it.
Colors: Black.
* Minimal lifetime guarantee.
c. Strobe light for signaling or even disorienting: raise to 3.25 hours (CR123); adds to 4.5 hours (SL-B26 battery pack).
* RoHS up to date.

* 5.14' (13.0 cm);.
Battery Style: Streamlight SL-B26 Protected Li-Ion USB Rechargeable Electric Battery Pack, CR123A Lithium.


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