Click Here to Save - Sure E2D Protector 1,000 Lumens Tactical LED Flashlight. - Savings Spree-Tacular:£90

Click Here to Save - Sure E2D Protector 1,000 Lumens Tactical LED Flashlight. - Savings Spree-Tacular:£90

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Click Here to Save - Sure E2D Protector 1,000 Lumens Tactical LED Flashlight. - Savings Spree-Tacula - Surefire Flashlight

Frame Dimension 1.125: inches.
Features high-energy 123A batteries along with 10-year service life.
Mil-Spec Hard Anodized for durability and also deterioration protection.
Along with a straightforward click on of their push-button rear hats, both Guardian designs provide a continual high-output beam for a minimum of 2.75 hours. The Ultra incorporates the extra value of dual-output functionality. Clicking its own tail limit two times produces a battery-saving 5 lumens, excellent for the most fundamental low-light duties like map reading and also other close-range documents. And with a constant low-output operate opportunity of 63 hours, you can count on the Ultra to keep you firm coming from dusk to dawn.
Solitary Result (E2D Defender Tactical - E2DLU-T): The E2D Protector? Tactical is actually singular outcome merely - improved for an everyday carry withstanding lighting.
Reduced: 5 Lumens/ 63 Hours *.
The dual-output E2D Protector Ultra (E2DLU-A) and also single-output E2D Guardian Tactical (E2DLU-T) utilize SureFire's practically indestructible high-performance LED. The very cardiovascular system of these slimmer as well as powerful lights, it pumps out a rigorous, 1,000-lumen light beam, accurately centered with our maximized Overall Interior Image (TIR) lens. That is actually a lot of outcome to temporarily disorient basically any type of opponent and also acquire a vital tactical conveniences.

Whether you like the flexibility of the E2D Guardian? Ultra or even the uncomplicated simplicity of the E2D Guardian? Tactical, SureFire has actually built the superlative everyday-carry tactical light.The Defender meets its name in additional methods than one. Machined from aerospace light weight aluminum, its own crenellated Strike Frame? as well as scalloped rear limit transform this durable illumination tool into a prospective influence weapon, so it can easily lose-- or even provide one if important. The Guardian body likewise features a Style III Mil-Spec hard-anodized covering for scuffing as well as corrosion resistance in foul climate or various other negative settings. A bolstered dual-function pocket clip creates bezel-down or even bezel-up pocket storage space easy as well.
TIR lens presents a cramping beam along with substantial reach and also adequate encompass light for field of vision.
Size 5.6: inches.
Functions for Both Models: Practically undestroyable LED is actually managed to maximize output as well as runtime.
Dual Outcome (E2D Protector Ultra - E2DLU-A): The E2D Guardian? Ultra is dual-output - optimized for a day-to-day carry combating light.
Higher: 1,000 Lumens/ 2.75 Hrs *.
Item DetailsSurefire E2D Protector 1,000 Lumens Tactical LED Flashlight.

Crenellated Strike Bezel? and also scalloped tailcap supply enriched self-defense functionalities.

Double functionality stainless steel clip for frame up or even down wallet storing.
Output/Runtime-- White Illumination.
Mass w/Batteries 4.2: ozs.


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