Promotional - Lego Brickheadz Wedding Ceremony Bridegroom - Unbelievable Savings Extravaganza:£10

Promotional - Lego Brickheadz Wedding Ceremony Bridegroom - Unbelievable Savings Extravaganza:£10

¥18 ¥10

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Promotional - Lego Brickheadz Wedding Ceremony Bridegroom - Unbelievable Savings Extravaganza:£ - Lego Brickheadz

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Commemorate a friend's, member of the family's or your personal upcoming relationship with a BrickHeadz? Wedding Groom (40384) property package. The enjoyable model includes a pair of glasses, hat, satisfy decors, a band and also various other optionally available items to tailor the face, hair as well as skin layer different colors. With at the very least 11 feasible looks, there is actually loads of imaginative building to appreciate before the major day!This collectible BrickHeadz? buildable style of an intelligently suited up gentleman with adjustable face, hair and skin layer different colors makes a great gift for a groom on or before his wedding.
Straightforward and also fun to build, the collection appropriates for anybody aged 10 and up.

Along with 255 pieces as well as standing much more than 3' (8cm) high, this buildable Wedding Bridegroom looks excellent combined along with the matching BrickHeadz? Wedding Bride (40383 )


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